Motorola Protect Service-Martech Update

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    New update for Martech Box III V0.1.2.2457

    Motorola Protect Service

    New activation from Martech Team allows reading and writing secured
    before reading Motorola sysytems of MC9S12 / HC912 series.

    Depending on the system, the following functions are available:
    - Reading ( eprom, flash, verification )
    - Writing ( eprom, flash, verification )
    - Temporary removal protection ( skip protect )
    - Complete removal of protection ( disabled protect )

    In addition, the series XEA, XEG, XEP, XEQ, XES, XET:
    - P-Flash - flash ( read, write, verification )
    - D-Flash - flash data ( read, write, verification )
    D-Flash can be divided into the D-Flash and EEPROM (emulation) - is responsible for that "Partiton".
    The division is at 256 bytes per0x100, EEPROM takes 8 times more of D-flash of its size.

    Some of supported chips:

    - MC9S12XHZ512, MC9S12XHZ384, MC9S12XHZ256
    - MC9S12XET512, MC9S12XET256, MC9S12XES384
    - MC9S12XEQ512, MC9S12XEQ384, MC9S12XEP768
    - MC9S12XEP100, MC9S12XEG384, MC9S12XEG256
    - MC9S12XEG128, MC9S12XEA256, MC9S12XEA128
    - MC9S12XDT512, MC9S12XDT384, MC9S12XDT256
    - MC9S12XDQ256, MC9S12XDP512, MC9S12XDP256
    - MC9S12XDG128, MC9S12XD64, MC9S12XD256
    - MC9S12XD128, MC9S12XB256, MC9S12XB128
    - MC9S12XA512, MC9S12XA256, MC9S12XA128
    - MC9S12H256, MC9S12H128, MC9S12DT512
    - MC9S12DT256, MC9S12DT128, MC9S12DP512
    - MC9S12DJ512, MC9S12DJ256, MC9S12DJ128
    - MC9S12DG256, MC9S12DG128, MC9S12A512
    - MC9S12A256, MC68HC912DT128A(C/P)
    - MC68HC912DG128A(C/P)
    - MC68HC912D60, MC68HC912D60A

    Occuring in devices BMW-cas2-cas3-cas3+-Cas4,Mini,Mercedes,Ford,Nisan,Opel etc....

    - minor repairs and changes introduced
    - Vreg measurement option added
    - ST10 series processors communication repaired
    - buffer cleaning option

    Models added:
    -22DC461/62L Blaupunkt Renault 7700 433 072
    -Bose Matsu****a Honda 39101-S1A-G010-M1
    -LSRNS(FX) Blaupunkt Ford 7612 330 792
    -RCD510 USB RVC Delphi VW 5ND 035 190A
    -RCD510 Delphi VW 56D 035 190A
    -Stilo CD (M series) Visteon Fiat 2FCF-18C838-BE
    New innovative solutions from Martech Team soon !!!

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    Best Regards

    Martech Team
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