[Chia sẻ] Unlock lumia 900 ok by ATF

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    Phone Type : Lumia 900 RM-808, RM-823
    Unlock Type : Read PIN and PUK Unlock Codes
    Other Notes : Automatic Counter Reset (If Needed)
    1. Make sure JTAG Connection is 100% OK
    2. Always Disconnect the Phone BATTERY Flex Cable
    3. Connect RJ-45 JTAG Cable to ATF Box
    4. Connect USB Cable to Phone
    5. Use RESET JTAG button to check the JTAG Connection
    6. Click RESTORE BOOT button to Start Reading Unlock Codes

    Waiting for Device Connection 20 second(s)...OK
    Resetting and Exploring JTAG chain...OK
    Halting Core...OK
    Initializing Device...OK
    Detecting ONFI #1 ID...MICRON MT29F1G08ABBDAH4, 128 MiB
    Sending Flash Loader...OK
    Retrieving Unlock Codes...OK
    Service Provider Unlock Codes Found
    Level 1 PIN: 96941744 ACTIVE
    Level 1 PUK: 52202207 ACTIVE
    Level 2 PIN: 91006599
    Level 2 PUK: 78608776
    Level 3 PIN: 23974244
    Level 3 PUK: 92196577
    Level 4 PIN: 65307368
    Level 4 PUK: 39950232
    Level 5 PIN: 33943066
    Level 5 PUK: 75862644
    Reading Unlock Codes Done!

    1. Remove JTAG Connection and Assemble Phone
    2. Insert SIM Card from different Provider into the Phone
    3. Power ON the Phone
    4. Enter 8-digit PIN Code or 8-digit PUK Code when Phone Requires it
    5. After Code is accepted, wait 30 seconds until Operator Signal Appears

    This is PERMANENT UNLOCK... Flashing will NOT RE-LOCK PHONE

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    Anh hiếu cho em hỏi cái này là unlock mạng cho máy nước ngoài hay là unlock bootloader để cài tiếng việt ạ